Here in my wee slice o' the web resides my current FlightGear Flight Simulator projects. Since I'm not at all clever, I have tackled only liveries, which are in various stages of completion. Still, I hope that they're a bunch o' fun for anyone who want's 'em.

Special credit mention to Dave Culp, whose McDonnell F-4J Phantom II I took and messed with it.  Dave's ISP axed the website holding his hangar - this will eventually relocated and mirrored by the fine folks at FGUK.  I have a copy of the vital "DavePack" to make sure no-one's stuck when DLing these Phantoms.

I've been doing a lot of livery and bump map work with the FGUK folks - join 'em, don't fly alone!

FGUK related projects have included the following:

AS330-Puma, Avro Arrow, Avro Vulcan, EE Canberra Bl8, Buccaneer S2, CH47, Gazelle, HS Nimrod, SEPECAT Jaguar and the TU-95.


Gary aka N-SCOT 

e-mail: (For Youtube fgfs vids, look for scotsg8r)

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